Carpet Cleaning FAQs

On average, once setup is complete, it will take approximately 30 minutes per room. This amount of time can vary greatly depending on the shape of areas, amount furniture (obstacles), how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary spot removal treatments. 

No, not if used correctly.  Hot Water Extraction (aka Steam Cleaning) is the method of carpet cleaning that all major carpet manufacturers recommend. 

Drying time depends on humidity levels, airflow to the room(s) cleaned, and the type of carpet.  While it typically takes 1-2 hours for the carpet to dry, you can walk on it as soon as we are finished (just remember to remove street shoes first to avoid re-soiling). Sometimes carpets can take longer to dry for various reasons. My equipment and cleaning process is designed to ensure the quickest drying times around.

I use cleaning solutions which leave no sticky or filmy residues. This prevents rapid re-soil, which is caused by residues being left in the carpet. Every Superior Cleaning is back by a 30-day, no-return-stain guarantee.

Most new carpets come with a factory-applied protectant, but this wears off over time. Re-applying a protectant on your carpets can help it resist stains and soiling, so your carpets will stay cleaner and healthier longer. Another reason protectant is a smart investment is that it slows the aging and wearing process, extending the life of your carpets.  Most carpet manufacturers recommend protectent re-application as part of regular carpet maintenance. 

Absolutely not, cleaning solution is flushed out of the carpet, leaving floors safe for children and pets. If you desire a completely green cleaning, I do carry products that are  ECOLOGO®-certified that will be used upon request.

Any furniture must be removed before arrival. Though I am unable to move furniture, I will happily work around any furniture that remains in the cleaning area. Please also remove breakable items from the areas to be cleaned. I am extremely careful, but accidents do happen.

My estimates over the phone/online is my way of giving you a close cost estimate based on the information you provide (most of the time these are very accurate). However, I provide my customers with the exact cost, to fit your budget, following a pre-cleaning inspection once I have have had the opportunity to assess the condition of the floors and verify the areas to be cleaned.  I have a  "No Surprise" pricing guarantee--you will know the cost before I begin your superior floor cleaning.  No after cleaning "sticker shock."

Carpets should be professionally cleaned every year. Homes with pets or kids should be cleaned every 6 months and homes with adults only should be cleaned at least once a year. In addition, carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week. Every major manufacturer requires professional cleaning by Hot Water Extraction (aka Steam Cleaning) once every 18-24 months to comply with their warranties.

It is not necessary that you be home while your carpet is cleaned. In order to provide the best possible service, I do require that someone be home before I begin cleaning to discuss any specific needs or areas of concern regarding the care of your carpet. 

Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQs

Just like its effect on carpet, dirt builds up over time, dulling your tile’s appearance and discoloring your grout. This dirt also increases the wear on the tile and grout, leading to damage and requiring it to be replaced sooner. A thorough, professional tile & grout cleaning is the only way to remove the deep-down dirt.

As with carpet, many factors must be considered when determining the frequency of cleaning. Foot traffic, children, pets, and routine floor maintenance all affect how often you need to have your tile & grout cleaned. At minimum, an annual professional cleaning should be done. 

While most manufactured tile is stain-resistant, grout is a porous material that absorbs soil and spills, just like carpet. Having a sealant applied will help create a protective barrier, giving you more time to clean up dirt and liquid spills before they soak into the grout.  The tile & grout cleaning process will remove surface stains from grout, but often stains penetrate deep into the grout, making it impossible to clean. Grout sealing can prevent this from happening and lower the likelihood of needing to replace grout due to staining.

Since not all grout requires sealing, I don't include it in the basic package. Part of my pre-cleaning inspection will be to evaluate your grout and make a recommendation whether or not to seal..

Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

Three reasons why it’s important to clean upholstery are appearance, to prevent damage, and to ensure longevity. Clean upholstery is part of a better home from the floors up.

Manufacturers recommend professional upholstery cleanings every 24-48 months. Sometimes professional cleanings are required more frequently, depending on the amount of use and environmental conditions.

My core cleaning method is low pressure water extraction. A pre-spray is applied to release soil, dirt, airborne allergens, and other pollutants from upholstery fibers. Then, low pressure water flushes out the solution and soil. When needed for delicate fabric, I also can use a low-moisture cleaning method.

Yes, after the upholstery cleaning you can have a stain guard re-applied (like carpet, most upholstery comes from the factory with stain protection. This protection wears off and must be reapplied for continued protection)  to the furniture to help prevent future stains and excessive soiling, not only improving its appearance but also helping to prolong the life of your furniture. 

Most cases take within a couple of hours. Sometimes, not often, drying may take a night, depending on the fabric and soil condition.  As is the case with my carpet cleaning, my equipment and process is designed with fast drying times in mind.

Pet Treatment FAQs

For minor pet issues, my regular cleaning packages often work wonders. My Restorative package is designed to deal with minor pet stains and odors. I have an extensive pet-treatment procedure that can deal with even the worst pet issues. I have specialty equipment and solutions designed to remove pet urine and odors and am a certified odor-removal specialist. Exact price for pet treatment varies and will be given following pre-cleaning inspection.

Yes and No. Applying carpet protector will help protect the fibers from staining and prevent spots that are caused by pet urine and feces cause. The major issue with pet urine is that it can seep into the carpet backing, padding, and sub-floor. Carpet protector will not prevent this from occurring. However, if you a diligent to treat pet urine immediately, you can extract much of the odor causing material from the carpet before in settles into the backing, padding, and sub-floor. Immediate DIY pet treatment and having carpet protector re-applied following professional cleaning is the best way to lessen the impact that pet have on your floors.

Specialty Stain Removal FAQs

Many stains will come out with my 5-step expert cleaning process that is included with every package. Those that don't may require special treatment which is INCLUDED with my Restorative Clean package. I have a variety of different solutions and techniques that are designed specifically for difficult spots and stains. Removal is not guaranteed, but if I can't remove a stain or spot, chances are no one can.