Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet Urine Removal for A Better Home From the Floors Up!

My 4-step professional Level 2 pet urine treatment will make your carpet clean, healthy, and more enjoyable. Check out the process and watch until the end for a special offer. Get professional carpet cleaning including pet urine stain/odor removal from Paramount Cleaned.

Bottle of Vet's Trust Professional Strength Pet Odor Removal included with Level 2 Pet Treatment

After your carpet, rugs, and upholstery has been professionally treated, keep them clean between superior cleanings with Vet’s Trust Pet Odor Removal solution. Easy to use topical solution treats pet urine to prevent odor. Use with DIY pet treatment process (see bottom of this page) for near professional results!

Levels of Pet Treatment

Level 1 –   Level 1 Pet Treatment is advanced surface cleaning. This level is included with Premium and Deluxe Clean Packages. What make this level more suitable for home with pets than basic steam cleaning is the premium pre-clean which removes more pet hair and dander than ordinary pre-clean methods, the application of pre-conditioners containing biological enzymes which breakdown organic waste (pet dander, urine, and feces), and carpet scrubbing which ensures that the enzymes reach organic material deep in the carpet.  

Level 2  –  Level 2 is for sub-surface contamination. In addition to the steps in Level 1, Level 2 includes saturating the contaminated area with a specially formulated liquid treatment. This penetrates the carpet backing and pad to help break down dried urine. Following a period of time that allows the liquid urine treatment to work, the carpet and backing is then flushed with water and the liquid treatment and water is extracted, pulling out most of the odor-causing contaminants. The above video shows my 4-step process for this level. 

Level 3  –   Level 3 is for severe sub-surface contamination. Repeated pet urination penetrates the carpet surface, backing, pad, and sub-floor. The only long-term remedy is to replace the padding and seal the sub-floor. This takes place after the completion of Level 1 and Level 2 treatments. I am one of a few floor care professionals expertly trained and certified to perform this level of treatment. I am IICRC certified in the 3 different skills required for this type of treatment: carpet cleaning, odor control, and carpet repair and re-installation. 

Not Sure Which Treatment Level Your Home Requires?

No problem. Prior to your cleaning, I will inspect your floors and determine the degree of contamination. Following my inspection I will present the findings and make treatment recommendations.  Remember, I have a “No Surprise” pricing guarantee−you will know the cost before I begin Your Superior Floor cleaning.  I want to help you make your home better from the floors up! I don’t recommend unneeded treatment, so you have more money to make your home better by using it for other things. Maybe you don’t need to hire a professional, check out my DIY guide below.

DIY Pet Treatment Guide

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